Unleashing the power of data – ANSL Business Insights Webinar

How can data transform your business? Join our Business Insights Webinar on Thursday, 18th February at 11:00 GMT to find out!

Emma Hawksworth, ANSLs Business Insights Lead, will be joined by special guests

Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) is inviting you to a webinar on the value of data and the power of business insights. In a practical and insightful manner, we will explain how insights help us manage the world’s busiest runway at Gatwick and Scotland’s busiest Airport in Edinburgh and how we can help you to drive performance in 2021. Led by our Business Insights Lead, Emma Hawksworth, this free webinar will take you on a journey of transformation, demonstrating how data you already have available can easily be used to generate insights and improve performance, quality and efficiency across your organisation.

Topics include:

  • How to use data to manage your key asset
  • What an Air Traffic Control company can do to help the NHS
  • Why it is never too late to start collecting data


Victor Gosling - Gatwick Tower Operations Manager
Our Tower Operations Manager in Gatwick, Victor Gosling, will explain how data transforms the way the world’s busiest runway is managed

Emma will be joined by Victor Gosling, our Tower Operations Manager at Gatwick Airport, who will be talking about how insights help us manage what is known as the busiest single runway operation in the world. Our Head of Safety, Security and Quality, Damon Knight, will explain how valuable data can be for quality and safety based on examples from our own operations.

Damon Knight, Head of SSQ
Special guest Damon Knight, our Head of Safety, Security and Quality will talk about the importance of Insights for Quality & Safety

Together with these guest speakers, Emma will explore how the experience we have from operating air traffic control at Scotland’s busiest airport in Edinburgh and the most intense runway operation in the world at Gatwick can benefit your organisation, no matter which industry you are in. Utilising our expertise and our infrastructure, your data is more valuable than you would have ever imagined.


So, join us when we reveal how to unleash the power of data to drive performance, quality and efficiency.

  • Are you tired of wasting time with the same old reports?
  • Do you want to learn how easily we can help you unleash the power of your data?
  • Do you want to turn simple data into invaluable insights?


Then register today: www.ans-atc.com/webinar


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