At the forefront of air traffic management

Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) delivers air traffic control and engineering services at some of the world’s busiest and most complex airports.

With safety at the heart of everything we do, ANSL is a trusted partner for airports, developing tailored solutions designed to help them achieve their commercial aims.

Air traffic management is at a critical juncture. Solutions that provide stability and safety of operation are plentiful, but with profitability and capacity being the key drivers for airport owners, the flexible approach needed to maximise their growth potential is harder to find.

We are re-imagining the way air traffic is managed and airports are developed. By creating bespoke approaches and solutions alongside our partners, we are providing the tailoring airport owners need in order to grow.

We are proud to be the catalyst for change, building on solid foundations of safety to provide air traffic management services that airports need in order to thrive. And through partnering with airports ready to rise to this challenge, we are re-writing how solutions providers and airports work together.

We are the catalyst for change – forging new pathways to drive growth.

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Our approach.

Because every airport is different, we work with our customers to develop tailored solutions so they achieve their goals.

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Safety & quality management.

Safety is the bedrock upon which we operate. It drives us to learn, innovate and continually improve.

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Our approach.

On a journey together.

By listening to your goals and understanding your needs, we are a key partner in writing new chapters for your airport. We work closely alongside you to design a solution that will meet your objectives while retaining the elements that make your airport a success.

We are redefining what it means to be a customer of an air traffic management organisation. We believe that collaboration allows us to develop and deliver a unique service to each of our customers of the highest standard, tailored to their needs, yielding mutual benefits.

Safety & quality management.

Taking ownership of the fundamentals of air traffic management and striving for best-in-class standards has enabled us to explore new ways of working, driving value for our customers.

We have implemented a systemised and tailored approach to safety and risk management and have created an approach that is flexible. This allows us to continuously add value while building from strong foundations of regulatory compliance to national and international regulations and standards. We work in close partnership with our customers and the CAA and continue to build these relationships to embed new legislation and regulation as it is introduced. In direct support of our customers, we manage an adaptable program of activities and improvement workstreams that are adaptable for individual airport requirements.

ANSL is ISO9001 accredited, underlining our commitment to keeping our operational and business processes to the highest standard. This has ensured that our business policies and procedures remain at the forefront of delivering safe and compliant solutions.

Bespoke air traffic management solutions

Since our foundation in 2014, ANSL has developed a full suite of air traffic management services, a range of training and resourcing solutions, and a proven air traffic management consultancy service.

Key People

At ANSL, we believe we employ some of the best and most capable people in the industry. Meet the agile senior management team who carry with them an unparalleled market and regulatory experience.

Paul Reid boasts a remarkable 26-year career in aviation leadership, consistently pioneering innovation and transformation within the industry. Since assuming the role of Chairman at ANSL in July 2015, Paul has concurrently served as Executive Director of Alpha Sierra Group and Managing Director of Reid Aviation Solutions. His previous tenure at NATS, spanning 12 years, saw him ascend from General Manager of London City Airport to COO and eventually Managing Director.

Paul is a highly influential figure with a global network and extensive boardroom experience. He is renowned for driving business growth through innovation and strong leadership with a commitment to producing excellent customer service.

Paul Reid


Henry holds over 20 years of aviation industry experience, across a range of companies including GB Airways, Easyjet and AJW Group, undertaking diverse roles over international landscapes including overseeing daily operations, mergers and acquisitions.

Joining ANSL in 2017, Henry was motivated by the chance to disrupt the market, drawing parallels from his previous entrepreneurial experiences in the aviation industry. As Managing Director, he has led ANSL's transformation into the world's busiest single runway airport, steering through challenges such as the pandemic, and complex air traffic projects.

Henry Game

Managing Director

Caroline has 20 years of supply chain and commercial cross-industry experience within; Nike, Kimberly Clark, Virgin Atlantic and AJW Group, taking on various procurement roles and overseeing maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) projects.

Since joining ANSL in 2019, Caroline has built the commercial department within the company, administering ANSL’s continuous development and success through its diversity and flexibility in a challenging market, even under limited resources and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Caroline Cauvin

Commercial Director

Emma, after graduating with a first-class honours degree in Finance and Investment, has experience in private banking, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) vending and Business Intelligence, before joining ANSL in 2019 and becoming Head of Finance and Business Intelligence in 2024.

Emma brings her expertise in transforming data into intelligence and delivering data-led outputs which provide useful insights to support decision making. She was invited to speak at the 2022 World ATM event in Madrid and is currently studying her CIMA to become a chartered accountant.

Emma Boorman

Head of Business Line - Business Intelligence and Finance

Lauren holds over 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry, with wide-ranging experience in airlines, airport and in air traffic management, including being the youngest ever airline duty manager at Gatwick Airport, before joining the Airport’s team in a series of airside operational roles, and culminating in being the regulatory technical coordinator for its Northern Runway project.

Lauren joined ANSL in 2019 as operations manager at Gatwick, before setting up and leading ANSL’s compliance operation, responsible for the application of Safety / Quality Management Systems and the commercial delivery of Compliance solutions.

Lauren Mackenzie

Head of Business Line - Compliance

Paul, a registered pilot, with over two decades experience as an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO), joined ANSL in 2017 as Head of Air Traffic Management (ATM) Development. He has excelled in planning, project management, and fostering commercial growth, helping establish ANSL as a prominent player in the UK aviation industry.

Paul assumed the role of Head of Innovation and Delivery at ANSL in 2022. Throughout his six and a half years with ANSL, he has played a crucial part in the company's evolution, accountable for the development of innovation and delivery of solutions internally and into the market.

Paul Diestelkamp

Head of Business Line - Innovation & Delivery

Maidul Islam
Maidul holds over 10 years’ worth of experience in both direct and indirect procurement across multiple industries, including the FMCG, Professional Services, Charity and Aviation sectors. Since joining ANSL in 2020, he has collaborated with many teams, gaining hands-on involvement across many sectors, challenging regulators, disrupting competitors and firmly establishing ANSL’s presence in the market.
Maidul Islam, MCIPS

Head of Commercial Services

Vicky is an accomplished HR manager, boasting a proven track record in dynamic industries. Holding a postgraduate degree in HR management, she currently leads as ANSL's Head of HR, excelling in recruitment and forging strong relationships across the organisation and with unions.
Vicky Boorer, CIPD 7

Head of Human Resources

Vicky Bhogal-Hunt has more than 26 years of invaluable experience within the air traffic management (ATM) industry. She joined ANSL in September 2019 as Operations Specialist, with her insight and expertise playing a key role in managing the volatile aviation environment during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vicky Bhogal-Hunt

Head of Air Traffic Services - Edinburgh Airport


As a company, we take responsibility for making a difference and we will reduce our overall footprint as part of our sustainability strategy. We integrate economic, environmental, and social targets to improve long term value to the company and wider stakeholders.

Our principles

  • Drive Measurable & substantiated progress – real achievements.
  • Set realistic but ambitious targets – drive progress, don‘t wait for it.
  • Always consider Direct and In-Direct contribution equally – make change happen.
Climate Hub Commitment

Our Commitment

ANSL have signed up to the SME Climate Commitment. The SME Climate Hub is a commitment underpinned by the United Nations Race to Zero and is an initiative targeted at Small, Medium Enterprises (businesses of less than 500 employees).

ANSL made the commitment to:

  • halve our emissions by 2030;
  • to be net carbon zero by 2050 and to report on our progress annually.
  • We have also committed to support other SMEs to do the same.

As part of our commitment, we will publish an annual Sustainability Report and the first report for the period 2022/23 can now be found here.

We launched our sustainability strategy in 2021 and determined our priorities over the next 3 years.