Edinburgh Airport EDI

Edinburgh is Scotland’s busiest airport, at which ANSL provides both aerodrome and radar air traffic control services as well as air traffic engineering services.

We also manage various complex replacement projects to renew and upgrade the airport’s ATS Assets, such as the VHF radio equipment and the Voice Communications Switch (VCS). Our state-of-the-art simulator room in Edinburgh has been used to train air traffic controllers in the lead-up to the reopening of Carlisle Lake District Airport and currently serves our staff in their training that helps maintain highest levels of proficiency during times of low traffic demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-COVID, ANSL managed as the Airport’s ANSP partner:

Aircraft movements

in 2019

Passengers carried

in 2019

Routes served

Services provided

  • Aerodrome air traffic control
  • Approach air traffic control
  • Air traffic engineering services
  • Emergency and altering services
  • Meteorological services
  • Turn-key project services

Key accomplishments

  • Successfully transitioned into operation in April 2018
  • Managed growth of 14% in air traffic during our first year
  • Maintained safe and orderly air traffic management throughout the COVID pandemic and managed the wellbeing of our colleagues and staff
  • Successfully delivered various full-service asset replacement projects