Air Navigation Solutions launches SafeTrack ATC Safety Reporting Solution

June 15th, 2023 – Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) has launched SafeTrack ATC – an industry first reporting solution that monitors regulatory required safety performance for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

SafeTrack ATC is an easy to implement, low-cost solution for any ANSP; users simply plug their data into ANSL’s straightforward system and safety performance reports are automatically generated monthly. The report utilises Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), trackable metrics, and amalgamates comparative data to aid decision making and facilitate the immediate interpretation of risk.

SafeTrack ATC is the only such stand-alone, simple, and low-cost safety reporting system in the ATM market. It is highly accessible to ANSPs via a flexible monthly subscription.

Emma Hawksworth, Head of Business Intelligence at ANSL, said: “Monthly safety reporting is an obligatory requisite for any ANSP, but it can be a time-consuming and drawn-out process, requiring resources not always available.

The SafeTrack ATC report page, when a customer has electronic safety and traffic data available.

“SafeTrack ATC overcomes these resourcing challenges by delivering automated safety performance reports in a clear and coherent format. It helps ANSPs meet regulatory compliance standards whilst maximising efficiency and standardising the reporting of individual ANSPs.”

Lauren Mackenzie, Head of Compliance at ANSL, said: “Identifying trends is an important part of incident investigation and hazard prevention across ATM. SafeTrack ATC provides flexibility and insights for small, regional and hub airports so they can monitor compliance trends and highlight emerging risks. The tool will elevate a unit’s safety standards with the intuitive and visual design, and the convenient routine reporting will be sure to revolutionise safety reporting long term.”

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