ANSL launches innovative online Human Factors course for ATC trainees

11th January 2024: Air Navigation Solutions Limited (ANSL) is introducing an innovative Human Factors (HF) course which is tailored to meet the requirements of UK Regulation (EU) 2015/340 and designed to elevate the standards of air traffic control (ATC) training in the United Kingdom.

This new online, self-led course aims to empower ATC trainees with a comprehensive understanding of Team Resource Management, Fatigue Management, and Stress Awareness – all crucial elements for maintaining a safe and efficient ATC environment.

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will receive a confirmation of attendance, facilitating their compliance with UK regulatory requirements and validating their HF training.

The new course has been meticulously designed by ANSL with an emphasis on modularity to accommodate the diverse schedules of trainees. This approach enables an effective integration of study sessions with operational training and other work commitments, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

ANSL’s Human Factors Lead, Lucy Kirkland, said: “Our new course demonstrates ANSL’s commitment to safety and operational excellence, ensuring that ATC trainees can be equipped with the human factors knowledge and understanding necessary to excel in their roles.

“ANSL extends an open invitation to all ANSPs, welcoming them to embrace this opportunity to enhance their trainees’ proficiency in HF.”

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