Air Navigation Solutions Launches ATM Services For Airports Package (ASAP)

16th April, 2020 – Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) is today launching its ATM Services for Airports Package (ASAP) which contains a range of cost-effective solutions designed to help airports manage and recover from the effects of COVID-19.

When air traffic levels recover in the coming months, airports will need qualified ATCOs to enable them to quickly re-establish air traffic management operations. The ANSL ASAP provides solutions to help airports achieve this, thereby ensuring their ATM operations are future-proofed.

Paul Diestelkamp, Head of Business Development & Solutions at Air Navigation Solutions, said: “During this challenging period, airports need to ensure they can manage periods of low traffic effectively, but also retain their ability to ramp up operations when demand returns.

“Our ATM Services for Airports Package provides airports with a range of cost-effective solutions to help manage lower demand but also allow for swift upscaling. These services form part of our regular capabilities, but we have worked to develop a commercial offering that will allow airports to initiate important steps today, despite the current circumstances.”

The ASAP includes:

Simulator training – available to airports to keep ATCOs current and proficient and ensure full availability of their ATC capability when demand returns. Simulators can also be used to progress the competency of trainee ATCOs during times of low traffic operations. ANSL has state-of-the-art simulators at Gatwick and Edinburgh that can be configured to replicate any airport environment. Thanks to ANSL’s partnership approach, deferment of charges can be offered, thereby avoiding expenditure during current circumstances. ANSL’s simulator capability also includes airside vehicle driver training modules.

ATCO resourcing – ANSL’s pool of ab-initio ATCO trainees, all of whom have been through CAA-approved licensing training, are available to airports immediately at no cost until first validation is achieved. This gives airports the flexibility to staff and train their ATC functions now in order to quickly scale up their operations when demand returns.

Asset replacement – ANSL can provide system project solutions during this lower demand period. This includes the initiation of asset replacement projects for air traffic services and allows airports to leverage the benefits of ANSL’s extensive procurement and replacement activities for state-of-the-art equipment. Working with their partner SITTI for example, ANSL can offer to initiate VCS replacement projects with no requirement for upfront funding.

ANSL is, as always, able to tailor its services to each airport’s individual requirements, and provide as much or as little support as may be required.

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